Honda 97 Odyssey Front Torque Engine Mount Replacement

This is the way we did ours, please use the information as reference only and be safe.

When we put the car in gear, if the engine jerks forward/backward due to front torque engine mount broken. Here is how we replaced ours. The part can be bought online or at local autozone store for about


Support (NOT RAISED) the engine/transmission with a jack and a block of wood to make sure the engine doesn’t drop down when the mount is removed.

Jack up

In order to get the bracket for the engine mount out, we need to remove the radiator fans out. Unbolt the mount from the bolt side (left hand side with 17mm wrench or socket), we needed the breaker bar & extension to turn it loose.

Torque Mount

The right NUT is welded onto bracket itself, therefore we don’t have to worry about it’s turning with the bolt.

Odyssey Torque Mount

Slide the bolt out then remove the 3 bolts securing the bracket to the engine block, the lower bolt is longer than the other 2 top bolts.

Odyssey Torque Mount

Now remove 3 17mm bolts securing the mount to the sub frame. We use long extensions all the way to the top with breaker bar.

Odyssey Heat Shield Odyssey Torque Mount bolt

The Good & the Bad

Old and New Torque mount

Put the new one back in. The holes didn’t really fit perfectly, we had to secure the two inline bolts first, the push the bracket in a little to fit the last bolt in the thread.

Odyssey New Torque mount

Tighten all bolts and put back the main bracket and tighten them all. Put back the fans, electrical connection. Remove the jack.



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