Modify AMI Cable To Stream Music Through Bluetooth Dongle on MMI 2G and MMI 3G

I’m going to modify the cable to use USB host to connect hard drive, iPhone, Android, bluetooth, all in one.

USB connectors pinouts     Audi MMI 2G AMI cable pinouts

11/29/2015 The cheapest, easiest way to do it is –

1. AMI to Auxiliary cable – works with all 2G & 3G .

2. USB Dongle – 

3. Extension if the auxiliary cable is too short

09/18/2015 – I modified my 2008 Q7 – MMI 2G AMI cable and build a black box to play iPod and stream audio from my iPhone and my wife Android phone on the fly without removing any of the players.

Schematic For AMI Cable Auxiliary Resistor Relay Connection     Schematic for Relay Takamisawa-A5WK5V

You can add USB host by connecting pins 17 & 18 for data and 25 & 28 for USB power

Audi AMI Connector Power Pinout     Audi AMI Connector USB pinout

My sister new 2016 Q5 still comes with a 30-pins AMI cable for old iPods and iPhones, amazing. She’s been using and updating her devices so current that she doesn’t have any 30-pin devices any more. She asks me to help her to be able to stream music and navigation from her iPhone 6 to the MMI 3G plus. I found the website with the information and did it. Now, I can make a cable that works with all MMI 2G and MMI 3G, it’s simple, not that hard, just need some soldering skills.


AMI Pinout

The easiest way is to use a small screw driver to push the 2 big lock tabs on both sides in and up, then just pry the top cover open up.

push the tab in and up     Tab in and up

Pry the top up     Lift the top cover out

When the top cover is out, just slide the bottom cover out easily. Split open the metal case from the TOP.

Slide the bottom cover out     Split open the metal case from the top

Solder a 1k-1.1k ohm resistor (1/4 watt) across the original resistor 18.7k ohm to have .95-1k ohm across. Pull the iPod wires out. Put some small shrink tubing or cut the wires. Bundle them together and fit them back to the case.

1k parallel resistor soldered     1k parallel resistor soldered


  • Hi sorry for opening up an old thread.
    I tried connecting just the USB port to pins 17 data+,18 data -,25 ground and 28 power 5v+. Plugged in a flash drive but no luck.
    I was wondering if i should do the resistor mod if i want to play usb drive?
    If so what value resistor would work?
    Would love to just load files to a flash drive and play mp3’s

    Kind regards

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