Things You Wish Your OBDII Scanner Can Do

If you own Audi cars, you want to get an OBDII scanner to access the data and do something with it, here are a few things you may want it to be able to do, if you buy a VCDS, then you can pretty much do anything with it, but with others, you may need to find out if it can perform these functions – long coding.

CarPlay on Audi MMI 2G     OBDEleven Dongle

Carista OBDII Dongle     Q7 Address 77 Telephone MMI 2G

1. Reset all error codes, maintenance required code.

2. Code the windows and sunroof to work with the key-fobs.

3. Turn on Green (service) Menu – You need this to get back the instrument cluster on the MMI if you update your software to 4610 or later depend upon your version of MMI (2G, 3G).

4. To get back the battery display option – Electronics1 – 07 control head – adaptation 10 – Channel 2 – Add 32 to current value – Test – Save. 7minutes in this video.

5. Retract the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) to replace the brake pads and rotors. 6 minutes into this video – 53 Parking Brake – Basic Settings 04 – Group 7 – Go (to retract) – Group 6 – Go (to push out – close).

6. VIM (Video In Motion) if we want passengers to watch movies while driving on the MMI screen.

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