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Q7 Remote Key Fob Repair

June 24, 2014 | 3,705 views |

If we need to change the battery or the shell of the 2008 Q7 keyfob, this video is very clearly instructed.


To sync the key fob remote after battery replacement.

Single key only

1 – put driver window down.

2 – insert key in door lock.

3 – twist to unlock and hold in position.

4 – with other paw unlock the car using the door panel button.

5 – release and remove key from door.

6 – test remote.


1. Press either LOCK or UNLOCK on the keyfob *one* time only.

2. Within 60 secs, use the key to manually lock or unlock the driver’s door.

2 keyfobs programming

1# you take one key put into ignition turn on.

2# close door, lock it with the key hole on driver side,with the key you want to program.

3#once it’s lock take the key of the door out press the open button once or 2 or 3 or 4 times depending on which key is being reprogrammed(for the seats memory)you will see your side blink every time you press ,wait 6 secs press again once.take the other key in ignition out.close the door and try locking with the reprogrammed key.

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