Audi Air Suspension

Audi has installed Air Suspension systems on many models (All Road, A8 D3-D4, Q7) for dynamic adjustable levels, it’s a complex system with many sensors, air pump, air tank and air shocks. My A8L hasn’t had any of the suspension issues up till now, 93k miles, but in the forums, many have experienced the problems from Air shocks to air pumps.


Air suspension pump retrofit.

Air suspension leveling calibration.

Air compressor and relay problems.

Air Struts problems.

Rebuild Air pump.

Refurbished Front Left Strut A8

Refurbished Front Right Strut A8

Wabco Audi Repair Kit.


  • Hi, is the green menu in every A8 models???? I have air suspension and i dont see the menu in my mmi. Can you help???

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