Replace Battery A4 B6 Cabriolet

My sister took delivery of our beloved 04 A4 B6 Cabriolet as her weekend car and she complained the battery was dead after the first week. To make sure it doesn’t happen again, we decided to get a new battery for it since the last owner didn’t mark on the battery the year and month of purchase. Anyhow, the battery for Audi A4 Cabriolet and other models fall into 2 groups, 48 and 94R, 48 is a little smaller in width. If we order from the dealer it’s about $160 for the original battery, Autozone, Sears, Pep boys will be $165-200. The best price and warranty is from Walmart, MAXX H6 (group 48) with 730A cold crank will do just fine for $99 and $9 core charge. Full size battery for A6 or A8 will be H7 or H8 (group size 94R).

Walmart MAXX H6     A4 B6 cabriolet battery

Now, the battery cover was ruined by a smog mechanic who didn’t know how to take it off, lifted the cover and broke all the lock tabs. So when you take your car to any shop who doesn’t know about Audi, watch them and show them how to do it. To access the battery we need to remove the battery frame cover. Lift up and remove the rubber strip.

A4 B6 cabriolet battery cover     remove the rubber strip

Next, slide the battery section plastic cover out and remove it, remember where it fits to install it later. The battery is secured onto the body by a metal bracket with a hex bolt, remove the hex bolt, slide the metal bracket to the left then remove the battery by lifting it up and out.

slide the plastic cover out     remove the hex bolt

slide the bracket to the left      remove the hex bolt

Fit the new battery in, hook up the pos and neg, slide the metal bracket to the right, put back the hex bolt and make sure the battery is secure. Check the battery voltage, start the engine to make sure it’s over 14V, the charging system is working. Put back all the cover and the rubber boot, broken cover.

new battery      battery voltage

new battery      battery voltage

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