Stream Media With Raspberry Pi 2 and MMI 2G

Raspberry Pi 2

Thanks to the great little computer – Raspberry Pi 2, we can now have a multimedia player for our MMI 2G. Requirements:
Analog TV Tuner 4E0 919 146
Add FBAS on MMI head unit (2004-2006) or get a 4e0-035-729-A : 2007-2010.
Raspberry Pi 2 and a microSD 8GB class 10 or bigger – I used 32GB for $10.
4-pole RCA composite cable for Pi 2
ATI Remote Wonder or remote keyboard and mouse combo like this one.
Wifi Nano dongle less than $10 when Fry’s on sale.
Connect the Analog TV Tuner to MMI and plug in the Raspberry Pi 2 and start playing.

– Configuring the Raspberry Pi 2:
1. Only install Raspberry Pi OS and OSMC on the MicroSD card.
2. Raspberry Pi default to HDMI, so we need to force it to composite RCA cables for Analog TV Tuner.


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