2011 Finance

Netflix Bold Move

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings brings stock price from the $20’s to $300 in less than 3 years. He must have done something right, all the decision and executions must be sound, until he decided to raise the subscription price 60% over night. Wow, that’s a bold move. The stock price tanked from $300 to $75 […]

2011 Family

Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween again 2011, we went to Ardenwood Pumpkin Patch for Monkey and Dog to find their best pumpkins to carve for the coming holiday. They do enjoy taking seeds out of their pumpkins and carving some parts of the pumpkins. Daddy had to do the rest and mommy had to clean up after them. […]

Current Events

Steve Jobs Dies At 56

If you live in Silicon Valley and work for techs industries, you should know Steve Jobs, the genius behind all these famous music devices and non PC computers called iMacs. I was shocked to hear that Mr. Jobs died yesterday. I never worked for the guy, but I still feel sad, too young to die […]


Install Bindings On New Skis

Ski season is going to start, some Sports Authority stores put all ski equipment on sale and we picked up a pair of skis for my daughter and bindings for less than $70. Since the boots must have flowers or girly look, we had to pay $65 for a pair of Dabella at Any Mountain […]