Netflix Bold Move

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings brings stock price from the $20’s to $300 in less than 3 years. He must have done something right, all the decision and executions must be sound, until he decided to raise the subscription price 60% over night. Wow, that’s a bold move. The stock price tanked from $300 to $75

Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween again 2011, we went to Ardenwood Pumpkin Patch for Monkey and Dog to find their best pumpkins to carve for the coming holiday. They do enjoy taking seeds out of their pumpkins and carving some parts of the pumpkins. Daddy had to do the rest and mommy had to clean up after them.

Our Talented Niece Felicity

This is our talented niece-cousin who scored in 100% State test and still have time to dance. It does show with some parents’ attention, our kids can do great. She is so beautiful and graceful Cheers


Eljer Titan

2012-12-08 We still have these toilets – over 4 years. Eljer & Perfecta works great, Jacuzzi Era is not good in washing the bowl (not recommended – glad that it’s in the guest bathroom – seldom used… We bought 3 toilets from Eljer & Jacuzzi We are in the process of improving our house and

Half Bathroom

Half Bath

After finishing up the Master bathroom (second page), we took a break while waiting for the Decolav sinks to arrived. We finished the half bath this weekend. Again, the wife doesn’t like the medicine cabinet and the big mirror, we went to TJmaxx again to get all the stuffs and here it went. Remove Medicine