Amy Chua – Tiger Mom

I received an email from my older sister recommended to Google “Amy Chua” and I did. I couldn’t wait to give some of my opinions about this “Amy Chua”. I think my sister considered herself as one of those “superior” mom since her daughter graduated at USC and doing very well. Wow, I only heard


Schwinn 460 Elliptical

After the brother in-law @ 51 had quintuple (5)  bypass surgery, my wife decided to exercise more since her cholesterol level is about 220. We thought of getting a treadmill, but after looking at the elliptical, we decided to get one. We read tons of reviews on different types of brands and models and we’re

Mr. I.

There are lots of sick people in this world, molest children for their pleasures. But also there are many falsely accusers out there. Well, we don’t know the truth until the case go to trial or one of the party made a statement, like Mr. I, killed himself for being accused of having lewd acts