Keeping Mice Out Of The House

We’ve been in our pink house more than 5 years now and we haven’t seen any cockroaches or mice running around the house. The x-owner had a transonic pest repellent device plugged in the garage, we think that’s how we haven’t seen any mouse around the house. The kids left food all over the house

Proposition 37 – Food Labeling

I just can’t believe California hypocrites with their labels and stuff, this time it’s food. “the right to know”, this will come with “the right to sue”. The organic food industries want to get more business by lobbying for the food labeling proposition. FDA suppose to make sure that foods came to the state are

Obama Vs. Romney – Townhall Debate

We (my spouse and I) haven’t missed any of the President debates this year so far. One thing we noticed is that all of the debates are like reality shows on TV but nothing seems to be real. We understand that politics is to look good and be politically correct always, and all the media

Amy Chua – Tiger Mom

I received an email from my older sister recommended to Google “Amy Chua” and I did. I couldn’t wait to give some of my opinions about this “Amy Chua”. I think my sister considered herself as one of those “superior” mom since her daughter graduated at USC and doing very well. Wow, I only heard

Save The Planet

Living in Silicon Valley, where most of Green people live, sometimes you have to have other opinions.  George Carlin’s take on saving the planet.