Replace Garbage Disposal

new garbage disposal

There are tons of new garbage disposal out there, the highest power one today is 1 1/4 hp (horse power). I don’t know what my old one was, but it’s small and slow. The new one is longer and noisier due to higher power. There are many claim to be quiet with high horse power

Replace New Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser On Granite

Our Pink house has an old chrome single faucet with pull out nozzle on a granite slab. I like the soap dispenser on the top so I don’t have to open the bottom cabinet  to get the soap bottle, so I got a nice Brush Nickle faucet from Costco for $59. It’s quite nice and

Bunk Bed: Grades

Audie announces happily: Daddy, I got 19/20 on my test today… Daddy doesn’t act surprise at all: Oh, really, what percentage is that? (he pretends to be extremely naive). Audie: That’s an “A” daddy!  Daddy casually asks: Do you know what “A” stands for? Average!!!! Audie screams in disbelief: What daddy? So what’s a “B”,