Replace Garbage Disposal

There are tons of new garbage disposal out there, the highest power one today is 1 1/4 hp (horse power). I don’t know what my old one was, but it’s small and slow. The new one is longer and noisier due to higher power. There are many claim to be quiet with high horse power and sell for more money, my logic is this, when you’re washing the dishes, you want people to know you’re doing chores, the water will be running and why would you care about quiet-er garbage disposal? I bought and replace this hefty garbage disposal 1 1/4″ hp with all new technologies built in for $99 at Costco.

old garbage disposal     new garbage disposal

The old style is 3 screw mounting system, the new one doesn’t have any screws, so I have to remove the old rings – I didn’t even know how to remove it – Google helps. Anyhow, the bottom ring held in place by a round clip, remove the clip then the 3 screw bracket will drop down and I can remove the top ring.

old 3 screws bracket     remove the ring

remove the top ring     top ring remove

When the old one is out, putting the new one without 3 screw bracket is very easy, for stainless steel sink, putty is not needed, a simple rubber seal provided would do. The only thing that needs to customize is the plumping pipes. The new garbage disposal outlet is lower than the old one due to longer size, I no longer need the p-strap, just need to get a straight sink pipe and connect directly to the sink p-strap.

change the outlet to straight pipe     final plumbing

The plug on the new Disposal is right angle plug which cause some problems since the original one was straight and on the top plug (switch on), the washer was on the bottom (live). I had to re-wire the electrical outlet after everything was in place, it’s a little difficult without the room. So check out your plugs and re-wire if you have to before everything is installed. The new Garbage Disposal is very nice, it even come with a drain plug which we never had before and it did work well. NOT bad for $99. It even has a magnet ring to prevent the small metal to go under the grinder.

Blue magnet ring

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