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Replace New Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser On Granite

Our Pink house has an old chrome single faucet with pull out nozzle on a granite slab. I like the soap dispenser on the top so I don’t have to open the bottom cabinet  to get the soap bottle, so I got a nice Brush Nickle faucet from Costco for $59. It’s quite nice and functional although I detest the instant rebate from $80 (I have to pay tax on the $80 and not $59). In order the mount the soap dispenser, I need to drill a 1 1/4″ hole next to the main faucet, and at the last moment, I have to drive to a granite place to get a granite faucet hole socket for $35, gladly I have the buffer machine because the socket is for the buffer machine. I could buy the socket made for a drill also.

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Before we remove the old faucet, check and mark hot and cold water valves because I did make mistake and had to switched them back, not too much work, but not efficient. Check to see if the water hose are usable, I didn’t check and at the last minute, I had to go again to store to get them. The old ones were welded on to the faucet connectors. Check to see if the mating connector at the valve is 3/8″ or 1/2″, and the ones at the faucet also. Mine was 1/2″ at the faucet and 3/8″ at the valves, the lengths are 20″. TURN OFF THE WATER AT THE VALVES.

old water hose     old faucet hose

To remove the old faucet, removed all hoses to clear the area, ask someone to turn the faucet from the top counter clock wise while using pliers to hold the nut still. Next is to mark the hole to be drilled for the soap dispenser, it can be on the left or right of the faucet.

Hold the nut still with pliers     mark soap hole

Since there is wood panel under the granite, drill the granite portion only, then use the hole saw to finish the wood hole drill.

granite hole drilled     wood panel drilled

Clean the top surface to mount the plastic gasket, per instruction, I put plenty of silicone glue under this plastic gasket to seal the water out of the mounting hole. Place both of the faucet and soap dispenser in these holes, attach the water hoses and clamps.

bottom new faucet     bottom new faucet

The water comes out nice and the soap dispenser does work.

new faucet

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