December’ Round The World In Ardenwood Elementary

Audrey’s been waking up early to attend the school Choir and it’s time for her to perform. December’ Round The World was nice and the kids did a great job singing. The music teacher is a very dedicated man, he drives far to school early every Monday to help the kids. I think that’s why

Ardenwood Dragons 4th Grade Field Trip 2013

[bs] Last year, Audrey had a teacher who didn’t believe in field trips, she didn’t get to go anywhere, this year, she had a chance to visit Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center for a field trip. She loved it, and again, I was volunteered by my wife to chaperone the kids.  It was fun although tiring. I

Ardenwood Dragons Sing Humpty Dumpty In Fusd Competition

Audrey’s been waking up early to join the Ardenwood’s Choir for this year. Finally, a competition organized by FUSS and we couldn’t believe many parents did come to support. Too bad we weren’t there to record the teachers sing, they won the top prize, they must be soooo good. It’s nice to be able to

LED Lamps with Motion Detection

The garage old spot light with motion detection was broken since we got the house, this year, it got a new one for Christmas. The set was sold in Costco for $40. It has LED and AC electrical system instead of solar or battery which I like. INSTALLATION Again, it’s safe to turn off the

Bidets For Home Toilets

Lux Bidet Neo 180

When my little kids needed my help cleaning themselves and they asked me to wet the papers, I decided to look into the BIDETS. Bidets have been out for many years in Japan, the toilets with automatic lids, electronically wash controlled, seats warmer and cost a fortune to have them. Now, thanks to China and