2014 | Pink House

Composite Deck Retrofit

After months of work, we think we know how to build a composite deck now. Our rear decks were rotten and needed an total overhaul last year. We spent almost the whole summer to get it done as we like the back yard to be. We’d worked only on the weekends since we have day […]


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Home Stuff

Cloud Storage and How To Use Them

These days we seem to have more data on our electronic gadgets and sometimes when we the devices die, we lose all the data with them if we don’t back up our data automatically. People who own Apple products, they have free iCloud to back up some of their device data if they know how […]


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Refinance For The Last Time?

We refinanced our house one time since we bought it. The rate was 4.5% fixed for 30 years and with FHA, PMI was $295/month. My broker called a month ago and recommended me to refinance before the rates goes up sometimes next year. We have one more year of the PMI and we could get […]


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