Ardenwood Elementary School Choirs At Fremont Unified School District

Every Monday, mommy has to wake up early to take Audrey to the school choir, for some reasons Audrey seems to like it so much. She’s not a morning person, but she hasn’t missed any choir practice at all. Mommy always jokes by asking her to drop the choir so she can sleep in some more after the weekend, the answer has been always “NO”. Well, as long as Audrey is happy with whatever she’s doing, we’re all for it, yes, we do need to sacrifice a little. We took off a little early today to attend Audrey’s choir performance at Fremont Unified School District. It was nice. Just love Ardenwood Elementary School regardless of what people would say. Mr. Gleason has been mentioned almost every week at our dinner table.

Audrey and the Choir


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