Measure E And Ardenwood Elementary Fremont

2014-06-05 Well, Measure E passed with a wide margin. Sometimes I just don’t understand if these voters ever visit any of these Fremont schools. These schools are just single level buildings, 4 walls simple looking just like a warehouse with chairs and air/heat system. How much does it cost to build each of these school?  $650 millions to just patching up the schools? Actually it can build the whole city if you find the right builders that are not in the Special Interest Group.

Taking the kids to Ardenwood Elementary School these days, you would see nice ladies passing out flyers to support measure E. As supportive for Fremont schools as we are, we took a flyer and read up on the Measure E.

There’s no such thing as “free lunch” as they say, there will never be a measure or proposition using children or education as the front and WITHOUT special interest group benefits in the back. 

Measure E pros and cons

According to the opposition of measure E, only a small percentage of the collected tax goes toward fixing schools and majority will go to a “slush fund”, I call it “special interest group pay off fund”. Until I find a measure or a proposition that declare majority of the collected funds actually goes to benefit the children or education, I’ll vote for it, but that day may be “never”, because slush funds or general funds must be significant for some measures or propositions to exist, business laws.

Yes, If they have increase tax to rebuild Fremont schools from the ground up, I’ll be all for it, but patching the schools with small amount of increase tax collected to set up for more fixing and taxing in the future….

BTW, did anyone ask where all the money of Proposition 30 collected that our beloved Governor (taking pictures with all school children and promise not to raise tuition for colleges) won  from desperate, uninformed students and parents? Are they all in general funds for anything but schools? I wonder if Karma really exists although I truly believe in Good Karma. Most teachers are educated people, many do see the lies behind these school propositions and measures, but they’re belong to this special interest group regardless if they wanted or not and some told themselves, “at least something is better than nothing”.



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