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Benefits of a College Degree

Sometimes it’s redundant to remind your kids or our loved ones about getting a college degree. Most of them know they need it but refuse to invest the time and effort. Well, my kids are still young, but in time they will have to read my blogs and this is a simple reminder, times may change some criteria, but the societies will demand the same. To me, besides college degree gives you opportunities to have a better life financially (nothing guarantees great life, you need to make it), but it also gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment… I’d finished something valuable!!!


“Education Pays 2010.”

That’s the title of a new report by The College Board that emphasizes the financial benefits of earning a college degree.

In 2008, four-year college graduates earned nearly $22,000 more yearly than those with just a high school diploma, according to the report. That’s an average annual salary of $55,700 for college grads as compared to $33,800 for high school grads.

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