Bullying Attack Leaves Boy In Coma

I know every school has its own bullies – Sometimes I wonder if these kids are meant to be born. Sometimes I wonder why people have children that can hurt others so badly like this boy in Pennsylvania – I hope he gets better soon.

I took my children to school a few days ago, coincidentally, Ardenwood Elementary also teaching their students against bullying.

Also, at dinner today, my son (first grade) also told us about a 3rd grade kid was bullying him and his friends in the restroom. My son did tell 3 teachers, including his, he even came back to the restroom to see if the bullying kid was still there, he got hit once, but he didn’t care. I’m proud of him, my wife thought he was foolish to come back to the restroom to check on the bully. I have to teach my son how to defend these coward 3rd graders who bullying the smaller kids.





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