home made el pollo loco
September 14, 2020 / 18 views / Chef Audie

Homemade El Pollo Loco Flavored Chicken

COVID-19 stops us from dining at El Pollo Loco and take out is not as good as eating there. The chicken legs we had last time was ridiculously small and our kids didn’t have enough to eat, so I decided to cook the chicken ourselves. I followed the recipe on this website and it came […]

lettuce wrap with peanuts
/ 20 views / Chef Audie

PF Chang Lettuce Wrap

If you’ve been in PF Chang’s restaurants, chances are you’ve tried their famous appetizer “Lettuce Wrap”, quite tasty and light. Since COVID-19, we haven’t been in any restaurants and we’ve craving for some chicken lettuce wrap, PF Chang style. The ingredients are quite simple, it’s the taste that you can make to yours. The ingredients […]

Pate Chaud 30 minutes in 375F Oven
April 13, 2020 / 35 views / Chef Audie

How I Cooked Pate Chaud

Sometimes I have craving for Pate Chaud, but since the COVID19 Social Distant is in effect, I decided not to go to the store and made them myself, although this was the first time, but with the right recipe, they came out just like or better than the bakery stores themselves. The crust dough is […]

Budha Statue Outside Kim Son
March 8, 2020 / 108 views / 2020

Kim Son Monastery In Watsonville, CA

It was on a rainy Saturday, I took my 88 year old mom and her 80 year old friend on a field trip to Kim Son Monastery in Watsonville, CA. This is the first time I visit this place although I’ve heard about its beauty. It’s about 65 miles from Belmont CA where I picked […]

Xanh rear entrance
/ 26 views / Chef Audie

Xanh VN Restaurant in Mountain View

We’ve been here since our first child Audie at the older location down the street, we liked it then and we still like it now. Instead of going to eat Pho with my sister when she  has a day off, I decided to take her to Xanh for our lunch date. The new location is […]