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Middle Class in America

It doesn’t matter how they categorize the middle class income for each state, the real cost of living in California is outrageous due to high cost of housing, gas and taxes. The numbers listed are not truly reflect how well we live with the incomes.  ALABAMA Median household income of middle-class families: $71,781 ALASKA Median […]

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Ebay Bad Returns and Inaccurate Seller Feedback System

When you buy some inexpensive merchandises from Ebay sellers, some sellers seem to intentionally sending you wrong or less expensive model hoping that you wouldn’t return due to high cost of shipping back to them. Ebay is quite fast in helping you to return the wrong merchandise but never mention that the cost of shipping […]

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New Cars To Avoid For 2016

Many of us have to drive long distance to work due to expensive housing costs in Silicon Valley. Our cars would rack up miles quickly and deteriorate faster due to stop and go on congested highways daily. When our kids graduated from colleges and need a car for their new jobs, we tend to help them […]