Beware Of T-Mobile Sales Associates Promises and Actual Contracts


  Last year we bought an iPhone 13 from T-Mobile, it was the first time and the last time. Normally I’d buy from Apple but for some reasons they’re not available. We’re not sure if this is considered fraud since whatever promised wasn’t the same as in the contract that we signed online. May be it’s our fault not to read the contract because we trusted the sales associates with the texts.  Anyhow, the associates confirmed that the iPhone 13 would be $30×24 months, since the iPhone 13 price was $799, from a simple calculation total price would be $720, so we got a good deal and discount. We were at a simple plan since forever, we wanted to change to plan Magenta which is unlimited, and the sales associate told us that we would get a pair of Airpods for free with the switch over to the new plan and it would be $160 for 5 lines including tax and fees, we were paying $129 for 2.5GB unlimited which we thought it was a good deal. So, we’re excited and agreed to sign everything they sent over, but before that, we confirmed on the texts all these prices and condition.

All T-Mobile Phones come with this bundle Liquid Glass Protector for 12 months @$4.17/month, we did install it and it didn’t seem to work well, it’s better to put a real glass on the screen. After we found out that we had no Aidpods because they only came with Magenta-Max which cost significant more per month which we didn’t want and the iPhone 13 that $30×24 months also came in with Magenta-Max. Even we sent over the proof that the sales associate promised, but there’s nothing they can do because we DID NOT read the contract that $30×30 months and we couldn’t cancel the Liquid Glass to save $4.17/month. At least, we still got the Magenta for $160/5 lines instead of $180 regular.

The moral of this story is, read the contract before you sign regardless of the proof you have on your texts, anyone can make mistakes, so did my sales associates. When the contract is signed, you’re done, nothing anyone at T-Mobile can do to change that. There are many cases like mine on Facebook, this could be a trend or the way T-Mobile do business, regardless, the service is fine, just the discrepancies between what’s promised and what’s on the contract, it’s our responsibility to read before we sign, if we’re too lazy to do that, should go with different Cellular providers since this is the way T-Mobile conduct their business.


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