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Lives Are More Important Than Everything On The Roads

In California, especially Silicon Valley, people are always in a hurry while driving and many were so caught up in minor accidents or being in a hurry resulted in lost of lives. Train tracks: Nothing can be important enough for you to rush and stop on the train tracks, if accidentally stopped on the train tracks

Palo Alto Medical Foundation Appointment System Needs Improvement

Today I took a day off to take my daughter for the 3rd part of B2 Vaccination at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Fremont. Normally, my wife would take the my daughter to the Dr. I went there, the appointment was confirmed and we’re only waited a very short time until the nurse called us

Income Inequality In Silicon Valley

Since the DotCom bust until now, the Social Media Bubble is becoming (if you believe such a thing), many millionaires and billionaires are created due to stock options and demands for talents, many also envy. These days, listening to the radio to/from work, read news on the internet, people are complaining about MONEY is Unevenly (or Unfairly) distributed (income

Share The Road With Motorcyclists… Makes Our Day!!!

The traffic is horrid most of the time on week days going to/from work. We make a habit of looking back in the rear view mirror for Motorcylists, we move over a little when we can to give them some room to pass. It’s a great way to say “good morning” or “good night”.

Mandatory Microchipping For Pets

California is trying to force pets owners to embed microchips in their dogs and cats, starting with Santa Cruz. We don’t have any pets and we don’t plan to since we have no time to take care of them, although the law doesn’t affect us, but we think it’s too much. It does seem like