Lives Are More Important Than Everything On The Roads

In California, especially Silicon Valley, people are always in a hurry while driving and many were so caught up in minor accidents or being in a hurry resulted in lost of lives.

  • Train tracks: Nothing can be important enough for you to rush and stop on the train tracks, if accidentally stopped on the train tracks and the train is coming, get out and take your kids with you, yes, the car will be crushed, but you and your children won’t.
  • The signs on the freeway say “NON-injury accidents move off the road” is to remind you to be considerate and safe because of on coming traffic. Don’t be inconsiderate blocking the traffic and may cause more accidents for yourself and other people. The insurance will take care of everything, no need to debate who’s at fault in the middle of the streets or highways. Again, it’s only a car, don’t value your car over your life and your family’s.
  • If car trouble at night, always turn on Emergency blinkers, pull off the road and stay away from the car, people have known to be killed by getting hit while being on the emergency lane.

Here are a few accidents that killed families.

Crash killed 2 families on Freeway 5

Amtrak Train Crashes Into Car Killed Mom and 3 Year old


2 Moms – 4 Kids Killed In Fiery Crash On 5 Fwy



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