Mandatory Microchipping For Pets

California is trying to force pets owners to embed microchips in their dogs and cats, starting with Santa Cruz.

We don’t have any pets and we don’t plan to since we have no time to take care of them, although the law doesn’t affect us, but we think it’s too much. It does seem like if you want to make some money on a product, you pay enough for the law makers to stick a new law to consumers, it will be done. There are many pets owners don’t even pick up their pet’s waste, how are they going to comply with the microchip law? If the pets owners really care about their pets, they will place the microchips for their pets as an option, it would be more logical and fair, if they don’t care, they would never look for the pets any now if the pets are lost. This law will cost pets owners dearly – the chips, registration, maintenance and monitoring if any. What’s next? Microchipping kids and spouses?

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