Christmas 2012

2013-1-1 This year we celebrated our New Year In Reno as last year, it’s a white New Year.

2012-12-25 This year Spare The Air Alert was off- We could have our fireplace on, unlike last year, it’s so nice.

The cookies were gone and so was the milk, Audie and Brando got their sold out toys, because they believed Santa makes toys, he doesn’t have to shop for toys, therefore he always has them…

cookies gone     Toys from Santa

2012-12-24 It’s Christmas Eve, Audie and Brando wanted some toys that were sold out every where.  Audie wrote a letter to Santa, cookie and Milk in front of the fireplace, she even opened a little door for Santa to come down…


Every year, right after Thanksgiving dinner with the family, instead of shopping early on black Friday, we slept in and went out to get our tree and decorate the house for Christmas. As long as the kids still enjoy Christmas, we still spend sometimes making the family joyful for the holidays.

Merry Christmas 2012

Happy Holidays,

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