Christmas 2012

2013-1-1 This year we celebrated our New Year In Reno as last year, it’s a white New Year. 2012-12-25 This year Spare The Air Alert was off- We could have our fireplace on, unlike last year, it’s so nice. The cookies were gone and so was the milk, Audie and Brando got their sold out

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Looking at all the kids pictures today, I couldn’t help tears on my eyes. They’re so beautiful and innocent, the school teachers were so heroic and full of energy. RIP

Tire Insurance Hard Sell At Tire Shop

2012-11-24 I received the $100 VISA from American Tire last week, the last time. So, last Friday and Sat, I received a promotion through email from American Tire, my A6 needs tires badly and I’ve been waited for this sale the whole year (trying to be frugal). There are 1 thing I dislike is the

Disneyland CA 2012

So, Audie is 8 and Brando is almost 6 and it’s their first time to Disneyland. I was shocked to see the prices on line. I remembered the last time it was $32-36, it must have been a while then. Brando didn’t make the Indiana Jones ride, it requires 46″ tall and with shoes, he’s

Audie First Star Test

Audie took the first STAR (Standardized Testing And Reporting) at the end of her 2nd grade. She was so excited about the results, she checked the mail every week for the whole summer. The reason is that we would reward her with a build-a-bear if her score is over 90%. Actually, she was so sure