Palette Tea Garden San Mateo

I’ve never been in many Chinese restaurants located in malls, my sisters took me here yesterday for dim-sum get together, I was skeptical about the restaurant, but it really surprised me in a good way.
We decided to sit outside and the table was ready, we helped to move the chairs from top of the table down, the seating location is quite comfortable, there was even a portable propane heater but it was a nice sunny day so we didn’t have to use it.
It’s right next to the parking garage so we didn’t have to walk a long way to the restaurant which is a plus.
It was Friday lunch and we didn’t have to wait long, many people wanted to sit inside, didn’t look but I’m sure from the outside, the interior looked clean and modern.
The service people are quite tentative, helpful and fast. Our water glasses were filled frequently and quickly. The food came out still hot.
I was amazed at the quality of the food, quite tasty and the portions were adequate.
It’s very decorative when they brought out all these little sauce containers, although we did need more than the portions they served.
The shrimp dumplings were very tasty and big, I didn’t need soy sauce .
The chicken feet were less flavorful than the restaurant near my home, although my sisters were ok with.
The bean curd wraps are quite in par with other excellent Chinese restaurants, everyone liked them.
short ribs were excellent, I did like them, cooked just right and flavorful although they’re not in my dim-sum favorite dishes.
The xiu mai were excellent and tasty as well.
The Pan Fried noodles were crispy and we did love the sauce.
The best thing I noticed was the bill, quite inexpensive especially in the area and the mall.
Everyone gave it thumbs up and this restaurant made me less skeptical about restaurants in the mall LOL.

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