Golf At Moffett Field On An Orange Sky Day

Since COVID-19 opening on this golf course, the price has gone up, haven’t played here often. Yesterday, my friend booked online special for $38 per person walking, so we went. It happened to have Orange Sky due to fire smoke everywhere, but the air was quite nice and the grass was actually wet. We really like this golf course, it’s quite long for us short distance players but it’s well kept even with COVID-19. One little problem, MOSQUITOS are everywhere and we did get bit LOL.
I added some pictures of the whole golf course with orange sky but hole #11. I used the SwingU software which is quite nice for GPS distance and map, although the distance was not extremely accurate but we’re not that precise ourselves so it’s OK.

The golf course is green and beautiful. I and my friends were amazed at the fairway, the grass is so nice and green, we felt like we’re walking on carpet, the soil is soft and grass is thick. It’s only 6300-6600 yards dependent upon white to blue but it’s quite challenging. We’re all agreed that it’s much better than Shorelines, soon to be gone Santa Clara and SJ muni. It was a Weds afternoon, we could finish the round in 4 hours. The sand traps are every where around the greens but the sands are easy to play, plenty of them. Yes, it’s quite windy in some holes like the Shorelines.
The greens are well taken care and extremely fast IMHO, I had 3 putted greens quite easily.
Some narrow fairways and quite a few doglegged right and left which make the golf course very challenging. The more holes we played the more we’re impressed with the golf course unlike the last time we’re here. What an amazing improvement.


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