Relentless Pursuit For Better Golf Games

I’ve been playing golf for many years now, never been able to score well due to bad swings, although the games are only for my recreational exercise by walking and swinging, but I do like to score better. I’ve been watching YouTube videos ( and ) to change my swings and I’ve found was perfect for my body. I did score 83 last week which have never been before. Yes, it’s hard to change the swings totally, but I did. There are still practice to make it more consistent and accurate. Like they say, find your games and I think I found mine, effortless golf swings. The putting is the most important part of the game, if I can make 1-2 putts on every hole, I’ll cut the score down so much. The hardest part is to get the concept and apply it, delete your old swing and start with the brand new one, careless about the score while in transition.

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