Roasted Cornish Hens

Costco sometimes has 6 Cornish Hens packages on special for $15.99. We got them and roast for the whole family get together to enjoy. They’re great if we prepared them correctly.

  • We use Parsley, fresh Garlic, bread, Wood Ear mushrooms, Pine nuts, Cranberry Raisins, Fuji Apple, Carrots, Celery.
  • Chop Parsley, Garlic, bread, Wood Ear mushroom (boiled them first), Carrots, Celery, Fuji Apple.
  • We open the hens package, drain all the juice and liquid for at least an hour to make sure they’re dried.
  • We marinate the hens by rubbing them inside the skins with Garlic salt, pepper, sugar, chopped Parsley mix. Make sure the mix goes all the way inside the skins on both top, bottom, inside cavity and the legs of the hens. 
  • The stuffing will be chopped Garlic, Bread, Parsley, Wood Ear mushroom, Pine nuts, Fuji Apple, Carrots, Celery and Cranberry Raisins, packed the hens cavities fully if you want lots of great stuffing when it’s done.
  • Tie the cavities and legs with twines, but we use sewing threads and sew the cavities so the stuffing doesn’t come out while roasting.
  • Rub the skins with olive oil, sprinkles the chopped parsley with little garlic salt both top and bottom before putting them in the preheated oven of 400F.
  • Our convection oven can only hold 2 trays of 6 hens each, we need to place them far away enough to make sure all cooked well and the skins are crispy. We set the oven to bake convection @ 400F, preheated and roast the 12 hens for 70 minutes. After 35 minutes, we rotate the bottom tray to the top for the skins to be brown and crispy.
  • We serve with angel hair in olive garlic, tomato, basil, pine nuts, caramelized onion, salt and pepper sauteed sauce, garlic sauteed asparagus and green beans. 

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