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Los Lagos Golf Course

I haven’t played here for many years, I’ve joined some friends on a Sunday due to NOT being able to book anywhere else. The course is short, only par 68 due to having many par 3’s. The course is well kept, the fairways are green and beautiful, the bunkers have soft sand and the greens are smooth and nice looking. The only thing that the management should pay attention to is there’s NO trash cans at any T-boxes, not sure if it’s because of COVID19 but other golf course do have them. I’ve seen apple cores on the ground, candy, protein bar wrappers were every where. Some T-boxes were quite ugly to look at. The pace on this golf course due to many inexperience golfers is quite slow, expecting 4hr30 per round.
It’s easy to loose balls due to sharing hilly and blind fairways. If you don’t mark your balls, others may hit them without checking.
Some of the par 3’s are quite nice with ponds and challenging. I’ve seen many people made birdies.
Over all, it’s a nice course with 2 levels driving range and putting greens for practice.

It’s been a long time since I got back to golfing since the children were born. I had a co-worker who could get us good deals on the weekend for golf, last weekend we played at the Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose. The price with cart for 12PM tee-time was $42 which was very reasonable.

The golf course is actually short, only par 68 but it’s very challenging due water, bunkers and 2 tiers green slopes.

When I saw the warning on the windows about food thieves, I didn’t pay attention, until it happened to me. These beautiful red foxes actually pulled my peanuts bag out of my zipped golf bag, unbelievable.

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