Smart Phones-Do We Really Need Them?

Smart phones – Android – i- phones, most people seem to have them these days. We upgraded our phones a few months back, we’re the old fashion types – plain phones, NO text, No Data, we turned off everything and we’re still paying 3 phones for the family $76 a month. I wanted to get my spouse an iphone or a nice Android smart phone to be with the trend of having phones these days, but she didn’t want to have it, NO NEED. The reasons are, we work with technology companies, we have emails at work, we have cable high speed at home, why do we need smart phones to access internet on a little screen. These phones do cost a big chunk of cash every month. If we want smart phones, especially iphones we have to cough up:

$30.00 a month per phones x 2 =$60.00 for data.

$30.00 a month for unlimited texting or $20.00 for 2 phones 1000 texts. It’s better to pay $10 to have unlimited texts because my brother had to pay $120 extra for a high volumes of texts.

When our kids are older, we’ll sure be having texting options for them when they’re given phones. Until then $90 x 12 months = $1008 into a savings account.

This is not little change, we can have change tires for our car every year.

Ah!!! Smart phones let you to find restaurants, directions anytime any where… Yeah, my old MIO 520 can do that too… or even my kids Toshiba Thrive Andoid pads.

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