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Cable TV – Do We Really Need Them?

December 28, 2011 | 813 views |

We live in the central bay area, we can get TV over the air, therefore, we don’t really subscribe any cable TV. The reception is great for us to get all the major channels for news and shows that we like: all the CSI, we watch mostly PBS for the kids early in the morning before they go to school and CSI at night after dinner and homework.

Yes, some people debate that cables have kid channels that help them in school work and stuff, especially sports for the adults. Our kids don’t watch TV, they’re 5 & 7, but extremely efficient in Google search and find games that they like. They don’t expose to all these kid toys commercials on these kids TV, they don’t demand junk toys since they don’t expose to them. They don’t have time to watch TV to do their homework, if they need to do homework, they can Google it or we will help them.

We don’t have time to watch TV, if we do, we like CBS shows and it’s OTA with clear real HD. I like to watch golf and Tennis tournaments, and the major ones are normally on the major channels OTA. With cables or dish network, to get full HD and options, one can pay up to $100.00/ month.

$100.00 x 12 = $1200.00 / year into a saving

Again, we can change another set of tires for our cars.

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