Spaghetti And Meatballs By Chef Audie

Children love to help, to be in charged and needed, our Chef Audie is a normal child (at least IMO) 😉   We both work in the day and when we come home, we have about 30-50 minutes to cook something for dinner. We do food shopping every day, we don’t store raw food in our freezer often. It takes longer for Audie to help, but I have to be patient to let her do the cooking sometimes. She’s happy when the job is finished and everyone likes the food that she cooks, this does help her confidence and self esteem.  I know it’s quicker for me just to cook and get it done so we can have dinner and get on with the evening (whatever is left of it), but as parents (I and my wife), we want to make our children happy although it costs us time and patience. Enjoy Chef Audie Spaghetti and meatballs.


To love our children, we must show it in both words and actions

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