Grand Sierra Resort

Eldorado Casino Hotel, Reno NV

Eldorado Corridor

We used to stay here every year when we went skiing or celebrated New Year until the last few when we’ve discovered GSR. This year we came back here because of the invitation to the New Year party. We love the New Year’s Eve party here, it’s quite excellent and the Carano family does know

9.5 hours on 80 to Reno President Weekend

Audi Q7 After Snow Trip

It was quite an experience driving to Reno in the snow for 9.5 hours. There were quite a few irresponsible drivers who drove without chains causing minor accidents. The road was blocked due to avalanche and heavy snow. Some people took 13 hours to get there. Thanks to our “old faithful” Audi Q7 and Waze

Christmas and New Year 2018-19

family pic new year

As creatures of habit, every year we bought our Xmas tree after Thanksgiving, celebrate Xmas at our brother in-law’s and go to ski in Reno for New Year. This year we skied at Mt.Rose since it has many nice long green slope for Karen and Brandon due to knees injury from last year. The snow

Diamond Peak Last Ski Trip 2018

It’s been snowing the last few weeks and Diamond Peak Ski Resort had 60″ of snow so we went for the last time this year. Saturday was cloudy, gray and gloomy, after 12PM it was snowing and we couldn’t ski at all. We left early. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort and had a