Eldorado Casino Hotel, Reno NV

We used to stay here every year when we went skiing or celebrated New Year until the last few when we’ve discovered GSR. This year we came back here because of the invitation to the New Year party. We love the New Year’s Eve party here, it’s quite excellent and the Carano family does know how to throw great parties, the music from the Breakfast Club is like the 80s. The food is excellent, the atmosphere is positive and the wines, yes Ferrari-Carano of course, great.
The room we got for free 934 is old and run down, we’re going to get room at GSR but it was too late for the New Year. The pillows are round, thick and hard, they hurt my neck sleeping sideways, I had to sleep without pillows for 3 nights. The bathroom electrical outlets must be at least 20 years old, my shaver fell out every time I moved a little away from the socket. OK, we seldom stay in the room, so we could careless about how small and confined it’s compared to GSR room, but these convenience and necessities should be good enough.
The casino is nice and the host is excellent. The people who work here are quite pleasant and helpful, no complaints there. The casino area and food courts are good, since it’s connected to Silver Legacy, you can have practically any kind of foods you like.
The table games are excellent, the dealers are very pleasant and the casino hosts quite helpful.
Without the New Year’s Eve party, I would give it 2-3 stars max.
The New Year pictures taken is new this year, the old fashioned photography had been replaced with a new group which quite efficient with digital photography, email or text the pictures instantly and we don’t have to wait until next day to get them which is a plus, but there’s no director to tell us how to pose, we could see ourselves on the digital screen. I do like this.
The security is different too, our room keys are needed to activate the elevator, no more elevator guards checking the keys from everyone. One note is that the key will be erased if putting it next to the phone. I had to get a new key to go up to the room.
Anyhow, it was a pleasant trip although the resting at night could be better.

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