Thanksgiving Feast In Class4 At Ardenwood

Audie & Friends in Ardenwood

It’s  almost Thanksgiving and I was volunteered by my wife to help out with my daughter’s class today. It was a pleasant day for me away from work. I was amazed at how much stuff the teacher has to do in less than 4 hours class especially with 29 students in the class. I was amazed at how much fun my daughter has and things she learns every day. I was happy to participate in the class room, helping out these bright and pleasant kids. The future of silicon valley? 

Since I couldn’t do much, I took pictures and shoot videos to document “a day in an Ardenwood Elementary kindergarten class”

* Singing in the morning.

* Story reading.

* Making muffins.

* Making fruit salad and watching the kids enjoy their creations.

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