Thornton vs Hopkins Junior High Volleyball Meet At Home Court

At home court yesterday, Thornton lost to Hopkins 2-0, it wasn’t a good meet. Everyone thought losing to Hopkins in their home court was due to strange environment, but watching Thornton played, I can see it’s the team skills and chemistry. Hopkins played a real Volleyball game, they tried 3 bumps for every ball to go over the net while Thornton only tried one or 2 bumps due to missing setting skills or plain NOT trusting the team mates, many failed ball due to trying to hit so hard at second bump across the big court, everyone tried to fail her own ways. There was NO team play, chaos and disordered. The serves were totally inconsistent.

To serve consistently, one’s eyes must look at the spot where she wants the ball to go, not at the ground bouncing the ball aimlessly, not looking up at the sky, close her eyes or anything but staring at the mark. Without desired marks, all serves are random.

Everyone can fix her serves, but not easy to play in a team where people must trust each other, must have discipline and truly having fun. Forget the scores, every ball must be transferred 3 times before going over the net, make it a goal. One shot or 2 shot players shouldn’t be in the team. There is no “i” in team. Unless true volleyball is played (3-bump ball), the game is short and uninteresting to watch, win or lose no longer matters, IMO. It’s fun to watch Hopkins play Volleyball.

Thornton 7th grade Volleyball Team

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