Walmart Microfiber Recliner

We bought a microfiber recliner for our old friend as an early Christmas present from Walmart. After reading the mixed reviews because of the inexpensive price tag, we took a chance to get it since it shipped free to his house. We like microfiber more than leather because it’s soft and it looks nice. The amazing part is we didn’t need any tools to put it together, just align the back brackets to the seat base brackets and push them in place. It took less than a week from the day we ordered and the day it got to his home, great shipping service. It is very comfortable and doesn’t take lot of space on the floor, you can call it a wall hugger recliner. Our friend is only 5’5″ and it fits him very well. The leg extension is a little strong extended, weak legs may not close it while getting up, he may have to get off the chair and push it in manually with his arms or strong leg push. The recliner lever is very clever, just pull it out and it springs straight out, quite fast and strong. Over all, it’s great for watching TV and sleeping while doing it. Very comfortable and he likes it.

Walmart Sage Microfiber Recliner     align and push the Back brackets to the Base seat brackets

Walmart recliner sitting position     Walmart recliner with reclining position and lever

Walmart recliner in reclining position     Walmart recliner in reclining position

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