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Traffic Tickets – Do We Really Need Them?

December 28, 2011 | 695 views |

These days, the traffic tickets can cause a major cash strapped problem because they’re expensive to pay, costly even if taking school option and extremely time consuming.

1. California Stops: What the heck is that? rolling stops, are people trying to save their brakes or just want to save 5 seconds to make a full stop at stop signs or red light before turning right (if permitted). Well, for $500.00 to pay the tickets after all fees added to the citation, we can pay for new brakes many times over. MAKE FULL STOP and wait 5 seconds, if you live in a neighborhood with too many stops and you don’t like to make full stops, MOVE, it will save your finance and stress of getting tickets.

I’m sure 90% or even 99% of the time, we have rolling stops NOT because we’re in any emergency situation like the spouse is having baby in the car.

2. Speeding: I saw these guys change lanes, going fast and get pulled over on the freeway… Well, we don’t drive much over the speed limit, 5 miles, may be, so if we need to be some where early or on time, we leave a little early, give some cushions, especially if we have our precious children in the car. Again, driving 10-15 miles faster over the speed limit may make get us a speeding ticket which will result in getting there later instead of earlier-besides a $500.00 fine will cause some stress and cash strapped for us.

3. Tailgating and Unnecessary Lane Change: I heard someone got a ticket for unnecessary lane change and follow to closely, this is the most ridiculous tickets anyone can get. If the traffic is slow, it’s slow in all lanes, by changing lanes, it doesn’t get anyone go any faster than everyone else, but it can cause accidents. The same with tailgating, it doesn’t matter if one goes so close to the bumper of the car in front, they won’t go faster, if there are other open lanes, change and move on. Well thanks to the new law that doesn’t allow these PRIUSes to go on the diamond lanes, they don’t stop the traffic with 55 miles/hour any more.

Believe it or not, people who are in cash-strapped situations, they don’t really have common sense, logic, confidence or strength to get them out of it.

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