Where Do I Belong?


    Since kinder garten, I don’t remember how many times I had to write essays about “Who Am I?”. Now when I’m older, having a family with children, I think the essay that everyone should write is “Where Do I Belong?”.

Every morning, when the lights in the bedroom turned on by my wife, waking up everyone at about 7 AM like clockwork after she’s dressed and gets ready for the day (she wants her family sleeps in a little longer than she does, very caring person), I’m happy getting up… I’m in my house with my family, we’ll be going to work and the kids going to school… Good Morning!!!

The feelings of belonging to a nice family, a beautiful house, a great place to work and a wonderful society makes me feel alive and appreciate living.

  • Belonging to a relationship: People always use the word “Love” to justify for everything, to me, it’s the commitment to be in a relationship, be fair, generous and giving. When people use “love is unconditional”, it’s overrated and just an excuse for taking advantage of someone’s generosity, either caring or everything else. When the generosity is no longer exist, there goes their so called “love”. To belong to a great relationship, either adults or children, there are things to contribute : caring, understanding, honesty,  fairness, passion, productivity, integrity and laughter.  All these things create positive Karma that carry good things through out our lives. “There is no free lunch” as they say, and it’s so true. Husband and Wife must be good to each other, Parents must be nice to children and vice versa. No one way street.

      The important thing for the children is to feel they belong to a beautiful family, where they can be honest with everything exists in their lives while they’re in their family. They must feel happy belonging to their family,  “jumping in front of the train” or ended their lives while taking others would never cross their minds. Children love to talk, laugh and play… It’s a very horrible excuse “my children are quiet, they don’t like to talk or play”. Don’t rob our children childhood to compensate our emptiness or under achievements by forcing them to do things that we would never do or ever achieved.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I would check to see if my spouse, my children and people who I interacted with in the day are happy, if not, what I’ve done wrong or haven’t done to make them happy.

  • Belonging to a place of work: To me, it’s a good feelings to have a place to be productive, to contribute to society for all the needs I have daily, I can’t make them all myself, this is where Money comes in (why do people chase Money? It’s transparent). I can only belong to a great establishment if I give it all my passion, my integrity on my daily work requirements. I would always check to see if everyone at work is happy with me, if not, what I could do to make things better.
  • Belonging to a wonderful society: being in the US is the best thing for anyone, IMHO, I’m sure there are others disagree. Driving on nice roads, highways, I appreciate the work people have done for me. Seeing fire engines, policemen helping people in needs, I feel safe and grateful. People are helpful and working together regardless of all negative stories flying around daily. I would always check to see if I break the laws in any way, I don’t want to be a burden to my society while others may.  Did I pay my share of taxes fully for all those wonderful things society provides me and my family because I and my family want to belong to this great society?

When I get home safe after a long day at work, driving on congested highways, yielding and sharing the roads with all vehicles and motorcycles pleasantly, seeing my children smiling greetings and having a great dinner together… I do feel I belong to something nice and wonderful!!!

Do you believe in Karma?

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