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Do You Believe In Karma?

Domain Name Scams From China

Since we’ve had our website created with domain name registered, every so often, I received emails from China Registrars to pretend having clients wanting to register my “dognmonkey” name for their business with .cn of some types. The most unreasonable thing is they insisted on using the name for their business and who would want a “dognmonkey” name forĀ legitimate serious businesses (except our website LOL). The final emails would be recommending me to register all possible domain names to protect my “dognmonkey” which cost me money. Anyhow, scams are everywhere these days, especially on the internet. I do have a good website and a good name, I would worry if someone is going to use it for their gains, I’m sure I’m protected regardless. Good Karma goes a long way and these bad Karma people will not be gone unpunished. What goes around comes around as they say.

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