Why Do I Drive 2019 VW eGolf?

Living in Silicon Valley or CA as a whole, we do have lots of incentive to drive an EV (Electric Vehicle), with federal tax credit of $7500, rebate $2500 and $800, that’s a total of $10800 off the price of any qualified EV, we can also get the CarPool purple sticker expires Jan 2023. Last month, VW had a great deal for 2019 e-Golf which discounted $10400 off the sticker price with mandatory of financing @5.9% with VW credit and maximum down payment of $5000. That’s the deal we got with Team Volkswagen Hayward, our excellent and knowledgeable Vlad helped us through the quick and painless buying process.

For math purpose, the sticker price $33475 – $10400 – $10800 = $12275 + tax and interests. The financing can be replaced after 3-6 months if we can find better deal.

The new 2019 Urano Gray e-Golf SE with Driver Assist package includes: Fast charge level 2, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Front/Rear assist, Heated seats, Heated Mirrors, Windshield, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, SD card, MP3 CD player, Dual zone AC, Alloy Wheels 205/55/16. No spare tire. There aren’t any EV out there that gives all these for little price. Yes, the range is only 140 mile per charge because the battery is only 35.8 kWh.

Vlad great salesperson Happy Customer 2019 VW eGolf Adaptive Cruise Control

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