FasTrak CAV Transponder Malfunctioned Causes Malicious Charges

If you live in the Bay Area, chances are you use 880 and 237 often to go to the East Bay. If you own an EV, now you’re required to use CAV transponder from FasTrak to even use the freeways. So, as good citizens as we are, we ordered them and found out they’re not as robust as the Flex transponders that we used to cross the toll bridges in the Bay Area. The CAV transponders seemed to have problem with heated windshield cars or windshields that have metal oxide in them. Whatever the case may be, we’ve been maliciously charged for the whole month of February 2020 at full price every which way we used on 880 and 237. Since 2/25/2020, we’ve used the Flex and we haven’t been charged at all. The Flex works and the CAV doesn’t. BTW, it doesn’t matter where you place the Transponder, left, right or middle of the windshield, we tried all 3.

The service is terrible, I can’t call, only request through their website, the customer service is not helpful, just forward the complaints to somewhere.

So, if you have EV and supposed to have 1/2 price discount driving alone on the 237/880, check the bill to see if they’re actually 1/2 price or fully charged due to NOT read your transponder.

FasTrak Charges    FasTrak Charges

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