Detect and Warn IE8 To Update With Responsive Themes

For web developers, Internet Explorer (ie6-9) have always been incompetent browsers and cause so much problems due to their incompatibility with conventional CSS. Many years later, the technology geared toward mobile devices and responsive themes are developed and make everything easier for desktop and mobile devices to use the same theme. There are still some ie8 or older computers out there surfing the internet, we can’t exclude these old goats. Anyhow, the problem with ie8 or older is that it will only display mobile theme css instead of Desktop css. Thanks to many coders out there that write codes to detect and recommend these ie8 users to update to the new and usable ie10 or ie11, the popular one is All we need to do is to embed a script to our footer and it will recognize and ask ie8 and some old browers people to update their browsers.

var $buoop = {c:2};
function $buo_f(){
var e = document.createElement(“script”);
e.src = “//”;
try {document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, $buo_f,false)}
catch(e){window.attachEvent(“onload”, $buo_f)}

ie8_warning     Opera 11

When we click the update your browser, the banner with all popular browsers icons for us to update.

z_browser_select     z_ie8_mobile_display

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