Dual-Triple Boot Windows 8.1-Mavericks-Mountain Lion On Envy 4-1117nr Ivy Bridge

[title]2014-02-28 Triple Boot Windows 8.1, Mavericks 10.9.1 and Ubuntu 13.1[/title][body]


[title1]The HP Envy 4-1117nr[/title1][body1]I finally found a used ultra book for $300 on Craigslist. Thanks to unfriendly Windows 8 and HP UEFI boot loader with all the automated software that caused the 32GB SSD partition disappeared some how by the x-owner, hence a very low price.  The laptop still has warranty from the HP until April 2014. It’s an Envy 4-1117nr, great little ultra book which actually last all day with sleeps and wakes and surfing the internet and normal daily work. Playing movies only lasted about 3 1/2 hours.  One good thing about this one is that the option doesn’t come with ATI-AMD 760G which isn’t supported in Mac OSX, but Ivy Bridge HD4000 is, perfect for triple booting Windows 8.1, Apple Mavericks 10.9.1 (FREE) and Ubuntu 13.1 (FREE). There is 1 thing that I need to upgrade to get the Ultimate ultra book to work with Mavericks 10.9.1, swapping the Wifi-Bluetooth combo Ralink 3290 (no support with Mavericks) with $10 AR9285 & AR3011 Wifi-Bluetooth combo.[/body1]

[title2]Create Chameleon USB boot flash drive with Mavericks MBR.[/title2][body2]


[title3]Create a USB Hard Drive to test the Mac OSX on the system.[/title3][body3]


[title4]External USB Hard Drive Preparation Updated Version[/title4][body4]


[title5]Install Mavericks to USB  External hard drive to ensure hardware compatibility.[/title5][body5]


[title6]Turn on turbo and SSDT for i5-3317u @2.6Ghz[/title6][body6]


[title7]Generate Custom SMBios[/title7][body7]


Prepare a Windows 8.1 with Windows iso or usb stick using the original product key from  Laptop

[title8]How to sync time between Windows 8.1 and Mac OSX[/title8][body8]


[title9]Prepare partitions for Mac OSX and Ubuntu In Windows 8.1[/title9][body9]



Camera USBBusFix=No


AppleACPIPlatform.kext needed to fix all the smckeyerror and bluetooth hangs

boot0 error

agpm controller unknown platform

remove all AppleIntelHD*

[IOBluetoothHCI*][SearchFor TransportEvent TimeOut*]– Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!

remove IOBluetooth*

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