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Install Lion 10.7.4 Apps On P8Z68-V i5 2500k HD3000

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Since Apple website only has 10.7.4 apps available for download, I’m doing a fresh install on the latest 10.7.4 OS X available at the moment on my i5 2500k Sandy Bridge, HD3000 graphics, Asus P8Z68-V LGA motherboard. This is the best motherboard with built-in over clocking in the bios. It’s fast and solid for both Windows 7 and Hackintosh Lion or Mountain Lion. There are many ways to skin a cat as they say, right now, there are 2 easy ways: Unibeast or myHack3.1.2, they’re both well compiled and functional. On this tutorial, I use myHack3.1.2 (or 3.1). The reason I like myHack3.1.2 is because it’s a one stop installing if you know what to do. Unibeast has to have Multibeast with tons of options to configure your hackintosh. Again let’s confirm what’s in Asus P8Z68-V LGA motherboard. First, I believe all i5 2500k has 0112:8086 graphics chip built-in, which means you don’t need any patched graphics kexts to get full QE/CI/CL and this will work with all i5 2500k sandy bridge motherboards. The kext they use is 0126:8086 in Lion 10.7.4 and Mountain Lion 10.8. NO-GRAPHICS PATCHING needed, comes standard. The only thing different between motherboards are the Ethernet chipsets- This one uses RealtekRTL8168 Ethernet.

To prepare myHack Lion installer, you only need InstalESD.dmg extracted from the Lion apps and you can put it any where. You need an MBR partition either 8GB USB drive (inexpensive these days) or USB hard drive (I recommend 250GB partition to 4: Lion (40GB), Mountain Lion(40GB), myHack installer(6GB) and exFat data) and a mac OS X system to create this installer.

  If you don’t have a mac OS X system, you can use iboot (legacy), snow leopard 10.6.3 DVD installer to install first, then use 10.6.3 to create this myHack Lion Installer. Here is how to create the USB myHack Installer. After the installation completed, you can open the USB drive, MUST add the SMBios.plist (mac book pro 8,1) to the Extra folder, edit the org.chameleon.Boot.plist with PciRoot=1 if you don’t have PCIe graphic card installed, PciRoot=0 if you have one installed. In this tutorial, I use the HD3000 DVI output from the motherboard. You can add Extra folder for Laptop and Desktop to load when myHack asks you for it before the installation ends. If you have the Extra folder correct with your system, after the installation, just boot straight from the newly installed Lion 10.7.4 and it will work without installing anything. That’s what I like about myHack3.1.2.

Now the installation – again this one is for desktop i5 2500k P8Z68-V LX LGA board (it should work with all motherboards with Z68 and HM61 chipsets.

Put the USB  installer in one of the USB slot in the back, turn on the computer, while it’s booting from the bios, hit the F8 key (Asus uses F8-Gigabyte uses F12) to get to boot menu, select the myHack USB installer (mine is a partition in the internal hard drive), click tab key while chameleon is loading to get the menu. If you edit the org.chameleon.Boot.plist in the Extra folder to add “PciRoot=1” then you can just hit enter after select the USB installer, if not, make sure you enter at the boot: -v PciRoot=1 (if you use HD3000). If you forget to do this, you may only have 1024×768 screen.



How to prepare a partition for Lion, the partition table can be GUID or MBR, if MBR, you have to use myHack installer or a MBR patched installation disk.

create lion partition     create lion partition

Close disk utility and start the installation, make sure to select the correct partition to install.

Select partition to install     Start installing

It should take about 15-16 minutes, the option of loading Extra folder will come up, select the custom Extra folder or the Extra folder from the Installer with SMBios.plist in it.

use my own Extra option     select Extra

Remove 3 troublesome kexts.

remove troublesome kext     remove troublesome kext

remove troublesome kext     finished

Now, If we’ve installed Lion onto the 2nd MBR partition of Windows 7, when we boot the drive, we will have “chain booting error” because we need to install boot loader to the Lion partition. We will fix this in the dual boot section.

windows dual boot     chain boot error

Now we can boot with the USB myHack Installer, click tab while booting, select Lion partition to boot. If we have the Extra folder loaded with SMBios.plist 8,1 Mac book pro, org.chameleon.Boot.plist with PciRoot=1, we can just boot straight to the partition without any extra verbose and flags. If not we have to boot with verbos flags.

-v PciRoot=1     First Lion Screen

Start to set up all the accounts and stuff. Install Ethernet kext, remove AppleHDA.kext, reboot, install VoodooHDA 2.7.3 install package. Here is one more reason I prefer myHack because when I use Multibeast to install VoodooHDA 2.7.3, if failed for some reasons and the boot got stuck at USBSMC Identifier, I have to use my fix to fix it.

… to be continued

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