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IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hand-Free GBHFK231

Since cell phones hand-free devices are required for talking while driving in CA, I tried a few devices, wired, wireless and I found IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hand-Free GBHFK231 to be the best one besides our built in Q7 built-in. There are many reviews and youtube videos that thumbed down for this device, but for me, it’s working great with our phones and our cars. For less than $30, it does a great job. The solar feature is functional, I haven’t charged the device since I placed it on the windshield for many months now. There is no echo while talking like some of other bluetooth device in the car. The speaker is loud enough (may be our ears are still good) and the microphone works fine. I can pair both of our phones on the device. I tested with both of our new phones LG Cosmos and Pantech Hotshot. I don’t talk on the phone while driving, this device is just for emergency or when the whole family wants to talk to someone and it’s been great. To me, if we want to talk to someone for a long time, the wired hand-free ones are always the best.

LG and Pantech      pairing LG

pairing with Pantec hotshot     call with pantech

Iogear connects to phone as soon as it is turned on



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