MacOS Mojave On HP Envy 13-AD010NR Kaby Lake

Prepare EFI for new SSD

The current BIOS is F22, the newest one is F27 but I don’t want to update since it’s working well. Since I don’t really need the original Windows 10 with Junk software in it, I install the latest Windows 10 using Media Creation USB Boot Drive. The important thing is we have to prepare the SSD correctly or our EFI folder will only be set at 100MB which is not enough to install Clover or any other boot loaders. So instead of letting the Windows installer to create the EFI folder automatically, we can set the size ourselves using “diskpart” command. In order to use diskpart, we need to boot with Windows 10 USB installer (hit F9 then select UEFI USB installer) – select system repair and not installation – then select command prompt, from here we can create EFI folder and MSR for Windows installer to install.

select disk 0
convert gpt
create partition efi=300 !!! you can change it from 300MB to any size.
format quick fs=fat32 label="EFI"
create partition msr size=16

After exit, reboot with the USB installer again in UEFI mode, select the custom

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  1. Hi! could you make a video on how to patch the DSDT.dsl file for getting the battery to work. I have a HP envy 13-ab022nf but I cannot get my battery indicator to work. I’ve tried all rehabman tutorials and guides. I’m desperate


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