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macOS Mojave on Windows Laptops

October 2, 2018 | 10,320 views |

macOS Mojave is the best version so far for Mac Wanna Be windows laptops. It did fix many problems that previous versions have. Thanks to all these enthusiasts, Clover, AcidantheraLilu.kextAppleALCWhateverGreen, Rehabman– we can get almost all Intel based CPU laptops running Mojave, just have to have correct Clover – config.plist, latest Lilu.kext, AppleALC.kext, WhateverGreen.kext and Rehabman popular kexts. I’m going to try to explain how to make any Intel Laptops to install Mojave painlessly. If you’re going to use distros like anything from Tonymacx86, stop reading and head on over to their website.  There is a few really good websites that use vanilla installations are:  Hackintosher and Insanelymac.

Installation The Vanilla Way That Works”

Create a 16GB flash drive using BootDiskUtility

Create Mojave Installation partition using Mojave Patcher (use the lastest version

HP Envy 13-ad010nr – Kaby Lake – HD620 – i7-7500u

Dell 7352 – HD5500 – i7-5500u

Patch DSDT

Replace WIFI DW1560

Mojave Done

HP-X360 15-Haswell – HD4400 – i7-4510u

HP M7-J120DX 17′-Haswell – HD4600 – i7-4700MQ

HP Envy 4-1117NR-Ivy Bridge – HD4000 – i5-3317u

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  1. Hello Louis,
    I’m following you from YouTube and I’m trying to do a hackintosh exactly like yours a Dell 7352 5500u how can I get your EFI folder? the card reader does not work, the usb has no force, the brightness of the monitor does not work and the audio much less! excuse my English! Greetings from Chile.

    1. Funciona no Dell 5420 i7 8 geração, 8gb ram, NVidia gt630m HD gráfica 4000?

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